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Accounting for Nonprofits

Accounting Services Customized for Not-for-Profit Businesses

Aside from core accounting services, Jones, Little & Co., CPA's LLP is established as a specialized service provider for not-for-profit business entities. We understand that there are many challenges that not-for-profit entities face, and so, we are here to provide you with industry-specific accounting expertise in order to help your not-for-profit overcome the obstacles that you may face and improve your financial wellbeing. 

We will operate as your accounting department, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on managing and growing your not-for-profit business. You and your staff will be free from the hassles of the complex and time-consuming accounting tasks that occur with many not-for-profits, while we can take care of the following:

  • Efficiently manage vendor bills - We can make sure that all pertinent information is returned to you quickly because we have introduced time-saving technology to our firm, which allows us to process bills online. 
  • Balance your checkbooks - You can connect to your checkbooks online for real-time views of your finances through our secure website portal. 
  • Manage payroll - We have established a convenient way for you to enter your payroll data online for processing. As soon as we have completed processing, we return paychecks, direct deposit remittances, and post employees' paystubs to individual, secure portals. 
  • Track financial data - We create detailed statements and reports to keep you up-to-date on your not-for-profit's financial health. 
  • Prepare you for audits - We ensure that your books are kept in good shape throughout the year so that your business is properly prepared for audit season. We have a dedicated team that will make sure your expenses are recorded in detail, in addition to helping you through the audit process by answering any questions you have along the way. 
  • Protect your good standing with the State - Because we provide accurate, timely financial data, your not-for-profit will be in good shape to receive your share of State funding. Having the right financial information will help your business secure the funding it needs from federal and independent grant agencies. 
  • Divide your bookkeeping activity - To make sure that your books are properly balanced, it's highly beneficial to separate the activity in your accounts for tracking purposes.  As your accounting department, we make sure that the integrity of your accounts is maintained by detailing and tracking every transaction. 

In the same way you are passionate about your not-for-profit's cause, we are passionate about servicing your not-for-profit. Having an accounting firm that shares the passion to help and that also understands the accounting complexities for non-profit entities is essential to the success of your business. Let us be the help that you need so you can get back to focusing on being the help that others need. 

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